Monday, December 4, 2017

Work less, do more with Sitecore and Microsoft Flow

As a developer who works a lot on integrating different systems with each other I was extremely happy when Microsoft Flow got announced. I've started using it since the early preview and found a ton of ways it could help me automate some tedious tasks with no (or little) coding and be more productive with my daily job.

As a Sitecore developer, I also spend my time building websites on Sitecore platform and integrating them with different systems. It often starts with Save Actions in WFFM module - integrating it with online meetings platform, payment providers, CRM systems.

So what if we could integrate Sitecore with Microsoft Flow and make it the only integration provider you'll ever need? And let the service providers take care of updating their connectors in the cloud, integrating new systems with Sitecore without developers help at all?