Thursday, December 6, 2012

Test multilingual sites with SplitShot

When you develop large multilingual website, it becomes more and more complex overtime, new features added every sprint, new languages and country sites are added qarterly, and it takes more time to verify that your current functionality works fine and a sublayout you're changing for Japan website is not going to break the US or some other multilingual site out of 10+ available.

Clicking through the 15-20 pages every time you change something? Not enough smart.

It would be great to have a solution that can generate all the multilingual versions of the current page and show them at once. And it is possible now with SplitShot module for Sitecore CMS.

It is a very simple idea and implementation. You just click a floating button that appears at the front-end of your website, and then enjoy the overview of the multiple site version, with ability to compare them using built-in gallery.

To install the module - simply install the attached package and add the following code to the head section of your website layout:

<sc:Sublayout runat="server" Path="/sitecore modules/Web/SplitShot/Resources.ascx" />

Make sure that Application Pool user has permissions to run executables from App_Data folder. Do it at the DEV environments only.

Sites that will be displayed can be configured in Sitecore.SharedSource.SplitShot.Sites setting (pipe-separated value, can be found here: Sitecore.SharedSource.SplitShot.config)

Here are the resources related to the module:

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