Monday, October 29, 2012

Sitecore Mobile Device Detector - 51degrees integration

In this quick note I just want to announce that Mobile Device Detector module is now based on 51degrees framework.

Module package includes Lite data library which is free for commercial usage and works really fast.
Previous releases of Mobile Device Detector (based on OpenDDR) are obsolete and will not be maintained, since OpenDDR C# wrapper is rather slow and seems to be abandoned.

With Mobile Device Detector, you can use Sitecore rules engine for determining appropriate devices for website visitors. The module requires .NET4 to run, but can be re-assembled to work with earlier versions of .NET Framework.

Download the module on GitHub, Sitecore Marketplace page will be updated soon.
By the way, I've moved almost all of my modules to GitHub, so from now you'll find them here:


  1. Alex....Once we integrate this into Sitecore will the device list will be automatically updated from 51degress or WURFL or do we have to update the list manually?

  2. You might want to update it manually from 51Degrees site, but it is shipped with device database created in October 2012.

  3. Alex are there any instructions on how to update the device database?

  4. Simply download new file from 51Degrees and replace the existing one in App_Data folder of your Sitecore website.

  5. Alex seems that I am using previous version of Mobile device detector which internally uses WURFL database.

    Here is my web config :
    wurfl wurflFilePath=~/App_Data/wurfl.xml.gz
    add name="browser_definitions"

    Can you please let me know what are the differences between previous version to this version other than the database source(from WURFL to 51degress-lite)?

    Also are there any instructions on how to update the WURFL database?

    Really appreciate for your help.

    Thanks again.

  6. Alex thanks for your contribution of this module. It's been working great with Sitecore. I have installed the first version of the module which is Mobile Device Detector- WURFL database) with my Sitecore 6.4.1 (rev. 110720) . After then I have seen lot of changes and it seems that the latest version is Mobile Device Detector-3.0(51degrees lite).
    Would there be any adverse effects If I plan to upgrade my module from version 1 - version 3?
    Also in the new version I have seen that not most of the conditions exist.For ex: Device Model Name or Device Operating System
    How could I get an integrated version of these conditions with version 3 same as version 1?
    If I stay with version 1 and If I upgrade my Sitecore from 6.4 to 6.5 would I see any issues?
    Also If I stay with version 1 where could I download the latest device list(WURFL database - xml)

    Thanks for your help

  7. Unfortunately, more advanced conditions are not available yet.
    The will be a part of the new version of the module based on Premium data from 51Degrees.

    You can stay on v1 and upgrade to 6.5 without issues.
    If you decide to upgrade v1->v3 - make sure to remove old device rules after the installation of the package.

    Device Detector v3 was also tested with Sitecore 6.6 and works fine.

  8. Alex..Appreciate for your time and thanks for your reply. I will stay with Version 1 since I don't get additional options with Version3 and I'll wait for next release for options integrated. However is there place/website from where I could download the latest device list(WURFL database - xml - wurfl.xml)

  9. WURFL database is not opensource anymore. They've changed the license and now sell it as ScientiaMobile, as far as I remember.

  10. Alex I have seen that after upgrading the package from version-1 to latest version-3 I couldn't see all the options/rules that I was seeing in earlier version of mobile module. Is there a way I could get all the options after integrating with 51degress version. We are planning to purchase premium version of 51degrees and integrate it with full options. What is the best way to get all rules with newer module version?

  11. You can iether wait for the updated version (no ETA, but I plan to get to it soon) or take the source code and implement missing rules yourself.

  12. Alex where could I get the source code repository for Version 1 - Integration with WURFL?

  13. was shut down, so old repository is not accessible I'd suggest you to contact Sitecore.