Monday, October 29, 2012

Sitecore Mobile Device Detector - 51degrees integration

In this quick note I just want to announce that Mobile Device Detector module is now based on 51degrees framework.

Module package includes Lite data library which is free for commercial usage and works really fast.
Previous releases of Mobile Device Detector (based on OpenDDR) are obsolete and will not be maintained, since OpenDDR C# wrapper is rather slow and seems to be abandoned.

With Mobile Device Detector, you can use Sitecore rules engine for determining appropriate devices for website visitors. The module requires .NET4 to run, but can be re-assembled to work with earlier versions of .NET Framework.

Download the module on GitHub, Sitecore Marketplace page will be updated soon.
By the way, I've moved almost all of my modules to GitHub, so from now you'll find them here: