Saturday, June 30, 2012

New life of Mobile Device Detector

I've recently discovered amazing open-source module for detecting mobile device capabilities, called OpenDDR.
It seems to be the best alternative to the WURFL, and here's why:
  1. It is open-source and completely free for commercial deployments
  2. OpenDDR database contains huge amounts of information concerning phones, tablets, and even smart TVs
  3. Device database is regularly updated
So I've created a new version of Mobile Device Detector module based on OpenDDR. It is in beta for now, just like C# wrapper for OpenDDR, which can be found at GitHub -

OpenDDR Mobile Device Detector provides the same features as the WURFL-based version. plus - it is easier to install - no need to edit Web.config and Global.asax, just update paths to resources files (shipped with the module package, "resources" folder in /App_Data/) in /App_Data/
And yet another bonus - the module now works with websites running .NET 2.0 Application Pool, target framework was changed to 3.5.

Download the module here and don't hesitate to leave your feedback (or bug reports) - you decide how the module will be developed in future!