Monday, April 22, 2013

Hidden feature of Sitecore Courier

It may seem strange, but there is one feature in Sitecore Courier module which I forgot to mention last time I blogged about it.

You can perform diff versus empty folder, in other words, simply turn a folder with serialized items into a package. It can be useful in two cases:

  • When creating initial package with your website files
  • If you want TDS-like "all inclusive" packages

I've also added simple command-line UI in case you don't like argument switches, so now it basically looks like this:

You have a serialization folder with some items serialized via Sitecore back-end or even TDS (it uses the same API).

Then you run Sitecore.Courier.Runner.exe:


And in just a second you get the package. Pure magic.

Just in case - if you're wondering whether you can run this lightweight and open-source module as a part of the build, the answer is: yes, you can! See the initial blog post for more details. And you may also want to take a look at for deployment.

Want to know how to bring it all together (build, package, deploy, etc.)? You'll get something in the near future, with sample projects and docs. Stay tuned!

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